I am always really excited reading peoples notes about new languages and technologies, and this was not different with Golang. I read about the language and an implementation roughly 4 years ago. After reading the article I looked around to find more details about the background of the language, and I was quiet surprised how much effort Google did put into this language. For this very reason the language was always on my “look into if I can” list. I was always busy with something so I did not get to start with the language until now. I have to say that it looks like the language is getting really popular as many articles are popping up about implementations and it’s great performance features.

So I started to deep-dive into the language lately and this post I want to share how I approached Go.

As with most of new IT stuff I looked around for books and review on them – I am kinda a book guy if it comes to study. There are quiet few titles around to choose from and most of them have good review. I filtered down the books for release date, to look only on the last 2 years as many things changed since the public release of Go in 2009.

Go: Building Web Applications – August 2016

Go: Building Web Applications

Go: Building Web Applications

 This book seams to be a great choice to start with if someone has experience with web application development and just want to get a feel for Go, turn practical knowledge into Go applications. The book itself goes trough on many useful examples what are easy to follow.

The book is available with on Packt – https://www.packtpub.com/application-development/go-building-web-applications to buy or for reading trough Packlib.

Up and Running with Go – November 2015

This is a great video tutorial available on lynda.com – https://www.lynda.com/Go-tutorials/Up-Running-Go/412378-2.html. I personally don’t like video tutorials, but the title does not lie, you can be up and running with Go in no time. It covers environment setup on multiple platforms(Mac, Windows) and also gives a great introduction on the general features and tools.

Learning trough problems

I created a git repository  covering problems we have to solve in the current course I’m doing – https://github.com/pete314/go-basics
By covering the problem sheets and going trough the above book I hope I can master the basics and maybe transform one of my existing projects into go to see performance and design difficulties for myself.

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