On the dev.mysql.com site you can find few example databases, but for now I will use the world database (innodb). There is a really cool large data dump available from Stack Exchange for performance testing.
MySQL world database install guide can be found here, but you can also follow this:

  1. Download the world_innodb.sql.zip file
  2. Start mysql command line and create the world database
  3. Extract the world_innodb.sql.zip to the drive root where mysql is running from on Windows c:/
  4. Go back to mysql command prompt and use the world database created in 2.
  5. Import the data with source c:/world_innodb.sql; command
  6. It will take a bit until finish, but world database need to be ready after that.

After import is ready you can check if everything went in.

show tables;

| Tables_in_world2 |
| city |
| country |
| countrylanguage |

City, Country, and CountryLanguage need to be in your db.

select count(*) from city; select count(*) from country; select count(*) from countrylanguage;

The city table has 4079 rows, Country 239 rows, countrylanguage 984 rows.

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